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The Feast of St. Scholastica

February 10th


St. Scholastica, the patroness of our parish, was born about 480 in Italy. She is the twin sister of St. Benedict, the father of Western Monasticism. Both brother and sister sought to place God at the very center of their lives. Benedict founded the Monastery of Monte Cassino and Scholastica founded a community for nuns.


The little that we know of Scholastica is written by Pope Gregory the Great. He relates an instance when Scholastica went to visit her brother and both were talking about their spiritual life. It was time to return to his monastery, but Scholastica pleaded that he stay and continue their dialogue. Benedict would not relent, so Scholastica prayed that God would keep her brother there. A rain storm arose and Benedict could not return to his monastery. He was upset with his sister and she responded that what you would not grant to me, our loving God did.


By some spiritual writers, Scholastica is referred to as the Patron Saint of right relationships. She knew how to prioritize her life. Her love for God was first in everything. Her service and work was a manifestation of her first love.

In June of 1962, Father John Kloepfer was assigned by the Diocese of Joliet to serve as pastor of St. Scholastica, a newly established parish in the fast growing suburb of Woodridge.  Father John and a core group of dedicated parishioners worked tirelessly to build a faith community and make plans for worship space and a school.  The first Sunday and Holy Day Masses were held in the Woodridge School gymnasium, which was transformed into a place of worship for Mass each Sunday.  After the second liturgy, the chairs would be turned for the congregation of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, also in the beginning stages of formation.  After their service, the Lutherans would flip the chairs toward the altar for their Catholic neighbor’s final Mass of the day.


The Benedictine Sisters of Lisle established a parish school in two rented houses on Janes Avenue.  Grades one through three started the fall semester of 1962 with used desks Father John was able to secure from the Chicago Public School system.


Through the willingness of many to share their time, talent and treasure, the necessary financial support to build a church and school became a reality.  The present school was built with a multipurpose school gym to serve as a temporary church.  The first Mass was celebrated in the new building on Christmas Eve,1964.  The original 120 families continued to welcome new members as the surrounding land was developed.  The current church was completed in 1980 and with a burgeoning congregation, was enlarged to its present size and rededicated in 1990.


On Father’s Day, 2021, the rectory and garage, as well as many surrounding homes, were severely damaged by a devastating tornado.  After 11 months, the priests were finally able to return to live in the rectory.


Today St. Scholastica serves just under 1700 families.  Nearly 200 children attend the parish school and over 250 children attending area public schools are served by the Religious Education Program.  St. Scholastica is an energetic community with a strong faith life.


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