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The parish pastoral council, in collaboration with the pastor, assumes the overall well-being of the parish, present and future. Its primary work is strategic pastoral planning; its secondary work is consultative, proposing practical solutions to the ongoing life of the parish.  Meetings take place the second Tuesday of the month at 7 pm in Room 112.

The purpose of the Administration/Finance Commission is to see to the planning, providing for and supervising the financial affairs and physical properties of the parish. Meetings take place the last Monday of the month.

Current Members: Fr. Norbert Raszeja, CR, Michelle Greco (Co-chairperson, at-large), Jacqueline Aldrich (Co-chairperson, at-large), Lynda Wagner (at-large), Joe Heneghan (at-large), Dawn Kunz (at-large), Dave Jandris (vice-chairperson, at-large), Jerry Munley (Worship Commission), Margaret Wagner (Christian Service Commission), Sandy Schuller (Administration Commission), and Jonah Tran (Youth Representative).


There are open positions for representatives from the Education Commission—Religious Formation and Education Commission—School.

Current Members: Fr. Norbert Raszeja CR, Jean Palasz, Sandy Schuller, Ron Somaska, Elizabeth Driscoll

The Parish Pastoral Council is the visioning body of the parish. In order to complete our mission, the lines of communication between you, the members of our parish family, and the council must remain open. In an effort to facilitate lines of communication we ask you to share your needs, wants and concerns by contacting us by e-mail at parishoffice@stscholasticaparish.org.  Please type “Parish Pastoral Council” in the subject area.

The purpose of the Worship Commission is to provide meaningful communal prayer experiences. It promotes continuous liturgical and spiritual renewal of the parish community. Meetings take place the third Tuesday of the month.

Current Members: Fr. Norbert Raszeja CR, Elizabeth Driscoll, and Jennifer Michalik-Olson

Current Members: Kurt Meyer, Gwen Campbell, Robert Miller, Jerry Munley, Bill Yunker

The Christian Education Commission is responsible for the on-going faith formation needs of all age groups in the parish. The education of the parish regarding the teaching mission of the Church is the heart and soul of this commission’s work. As such, the commission is charged with the responsibility of coordinating and providing life-long Christian formation for all members of the parish.

Phone: 1.630.985.2351

Fax: 1.630.985.8770

E-mail: parishoffice@stscholasticaparish.org

St. Scholastica Parish


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St. Scholastica Parish

7800 Janes Avenue

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The purpose of the Service Commission is to enable the parish community to put into practice the social teaching of the church. The commission creates or promotes—both at the local level and in the broader community of city, state, nation, and world—programs which respond to human needs and work for justice. 


Current Members:  Barbara Schmith, Elevene Bryant, Marlene Clark, Tom Marciani, Phyllis Roman, Margaret Wagner, Bob Wallace, Bill Yunker

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