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St. Scholastica Parish

7800 Janes Avenue

Woodridge, IL 60517

Text Box: Baptismal Information

Your household should be registered with the parish in order to baptize a child.  If not a parishioner here, you should get written permission from your parish pastor to have the baptism at St. Scholastica.


Our baptismal program is an on-line program; parents are required to complete the class.  Register for this class by contacting Marisa by e-mail  - mtrevino@stscholasticaparish.org . If this is your first child, you must participate in the on-line program before requesting a date for your baby’s baptism. If you have attended a class at St. Scholastica or another parish, within the last 4 years, you need not re-attend, but provide the parish and date of that class. If you attended at another parish, you will be asked to provide a letter of verification. 


Generally, we baptize at St. Scholastica two out of four Sundays of the month. Baptisms take place at a 2 pm ceremony—no mass.


We limit the number of children baptized to 5 families at one ceremony. We follow all CDC and diocesan Covid protocol.


No baptisms take place during Lent. The fee for baptism is $50 per child.



GODPARENTS:  A person may only have one or two godparents (also called sponsors); if two are chosen, they must be one male and one female.

In order for someone to be eligible as a godparent they must be chosen by the parents, have the ability and the intention to fulfill the role, be at least 16 years of age, and be a confirmed Roman Catholic, who has already received the Most Holy Eucharist, is leading a life in harmony with the Catholic Faith (including Marriage), and will be a good role model for the one being baptized, and be neither the father nor the mother of the child.

A baptized person who belongs to another Christian community may be admitted only as a “Christian witness” (not a godparent) provided that there is at least one Roman Catholic godparent who fulfills the above criteria.  A non-baptized person cannot be a witness (Code of Canon Law,cc.872-874: Catechism of the Catholic Church 1255).


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